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I previously had arthroscopic surgery performed on my right shoulder approxiamtely 2-1/2 years ago for cuff repair and arthritis. I had an extended recovery time and was in pain for several months following surgery (Dr. Petrie did not perform this surgery). The pain continued and gradually became worst to the point I had limited use of my right arm. I began seeing Dr. Petrie and after much consultation, we agreed to do a new replacement procedure as well as other repairs. Dr. Pitre and his staff were excellent in explaining the procedure and recovery time. The surgery lasted nearly 3 1/2 hours and when I woke from the surgery, I of course had discomfort from the surgery, but I immediately noticed I did not have the pre-surgery pain I had been experiencing. The surgery consisted of cuff repair, placement of a new ball joint, tendon and muscle repair, as well as major arthritis/spurs cleaning. I started physical therapy 4 1/2 weeks following surgery and had a 30 degree rotation (had approximately 15 degrees pre-op). Within 4 theraphy sessions I was up to 55 degrees rotation and NO PAIN!!! I was out of my sling in 5 weeks post-op. This procedure is fantastic and I cannot compliment Dr. Petrie and his staff enough. This surgery has been life changing!!!! Once again, thanks to Dr. Petrie and his great staff for a job well done!!!!

glenn balentine

An evil table saw took a bite out of two of my fingers. Dr Petrie and his very capable staff saw me at 3pm, performed surgery at 4:30. I am so impressed with the efficient, professional and caring treatment. I was astonished to have no pain the night or next week after surgery. Most impressive!

Richard LeBlanc

I suffered a torn rotator cuff from years of hard and heavy physical work. Dr. Petrie operated and resolved this problem with almost no pain. It has been almost one month since the surgery and the results are fantastic! Thank you so much, Dr. Petrie for the great job! Richard LeBlanc............

Karen Domingue

I recently had Surgery on my Tennis Elbow. I have been a patient of Dr. Petrie for a long time. He takes care of my entire family. My surgery was a great experience. From the pre op to the surgery and the recovery room. Every One was Wonderful. Dr. Petrie is never to busy to see me and his PA David is great to see if Dr. Petrie is out. I highly recommend Dr. Petrie for any Orthopedic Needs, and St. Elizabeth Hospital for any Surgery. Thanks Dr. Petrie for taking such good care of me!! Karen

Al Leo

Dr. Petrie was outstanding. He listened, and offered sound advise. He explained all of my options thoroughly. He gave me short term relief and ordered more tests, so that he could make a better judgement. He is a truly caring doctor. I recommend him highly.